Mary Morgan

"They treated me like I was number one."

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Mary Morgan of Livingston had delayed getting treatment for peripheral artery disease in her legs until the pain became so bad that she had to quit working. She turned to Cookeville Regional, where Dr. Brian Gerndt discovered a blockage in her neck as well as several in her legs.

“Sooner or later, I would have been facing having probably one of my legs, if not both of them, taken off, because I wasn’t getting any blood circulation at all through there,” said Morgan.

Since Dr. Gerndt performed procedures to remove the neck blockage and replace the arteries in her legs, Morgan’s pain is gone, she’s walking again, and she even stopped smoking.

“There’s nothing that can hold me down now!” said Morgan. “I just thank the Lord for Cookeville Regional and for the doctors who did this for me.”

It’s these kinds of results that have helped Cookeville Regional achieve the Healthgrades ® rank of #1 in Tennessee for Vascular Surgery for 2012. While we feel very honored to receive this level of recognition, it’s the changed lives of patients like Mary Morgan that make it all worthwhile.